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Orient Ceramic has been active on the construction materials market since march of 2005, becoming in a short time the zonal leader and one of the top players at national level of imports, distribution and marketing for ceramic tiles, with a volume of acquisitions of over 2.000.000 square meters imported annually.

Orient Ceramic has collaborators that are located in various areas of the globe, from the Far East ( China, India ) to the countries with old traditions in ceramic tiles in Europe ( Spain, Turkey ). Our specialized teams continuously explore the newest technologies and products on the international market. That is how Orient Ceramic offers a portfolio which includes over 3000 products with unique design and exceptional quality : porcelain tiles, faience, natural stone, marble, granite, mosaic and wallpaper. The variety of products provide our customers viable and optimal solutions for any project, both for interior and exterior.

Our company had an impressive and constant upward evolution, currently reaching a distribution network which includes 22 showrooms of our own in the major cities of Romania and over 120 authorized partners that represent the brand Orient Ceramic with success both at national and European level. An important asset of our company is the well-established  logistics process which ensures that 95% of the products that are displayed in our showrooms to be permanently found in stock.

Satisfying customer needs is the main target of all implemented policies within company, which is why all orders from our clients and partners are delivered as soon as possible from our central warehouse in Constanta. Our call center also provides information, recommendations and technical support from specialized personnel, so that your projects live up to your expectations.

We look forward to seeing you in our showrooms, but also on the website or on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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